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student group claim

I've been following the student group claim quite closely as I'm a UCL student who has been severely affected by strike actions and covid disruptions. I spent nearly half of my uni experience on zoom calls despite coming to london and paying extortionate rent prices, not to mention wasting money on students' union memberships that offered very little during 2020-2022. The marking boycott means that I have only received one mark out of four modules meaning that I am unlikely to graduate with a degree classification (they even suggested delaying my graduation until 2024 if i want a classification!!). To make matters worse I tried to raise a claim for refund due to strikes but UCL denied it because it's after the last 3 months of the last strike date, which was back in April! This entire experience has been very upsetting and it feels like students aren't really taken seriously. I have heard of the student group claim but not sure how realistic its prospects are. Does anyone know if it is too late to sign up? And if I do sign up and I am included in the claim, how long before a decision is reached??

It seems pretty legitimate, especially after seeing it in the FT last week. UCL will probably settle. Not sure if it’s too late to sign up though?

This thing has been dragging on for years. I doubt you're going to see any decision/cashback anytime soon

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