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While it might be fashionable to say that everyone can teach, that simply isn’t the case. Tuition for Law isn’t quite like Tuition for GCSEs or even A Levels. The concepts are a lot more difficult, the universe of content can often seem unlimited and students are often working with tight deadlines.

So you need an expert Tutor, not one that has barely survived law school with a 2:1. ❌

At LawProf, we believe that the best Tutors you can get are Prize-Winners 🏆. People who have topped their entire Law-School in some capacity. This is because not only are they proven in exam-conditions, knowledge of the law-school syllabus is still fresh in their minds.

Check out some of the achievements and awards 🎖️ of our Law-School Tutors below. (Names redacted for privacy as most of our Tutors are Academics and Practitioners at leading academic and legal institutions across the UK):

What You Can Expect From a LawProf

If you get help from LawProf, you’re getting the best help. 🤩

What exactly does that mean?

  • Dedicated Tutors who have gone beyond a first-class and won academic prizes
  • Practical strategies for examinations that have worked with previous students
  • Top class summaries of academic articles, cases and general module notes which our Prize-Winning Tutors themselves have used themselves to achieve unparalleled exam success.
  • First-Class problem-question and essay model answers that have stood the trial of Oxbridge Professors for you to learn offline as well as online.

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