Core Subjects Package – Premium Notes

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Package of all premium notes for core subjects. ~£180 if bought separately. Effectively you will be getting a more than 50% discount if you buy this pack.


All notes were authored by Oxbridge graduates with first-class or high 2.1s in the relevant subjects.


Being a law student is really difficult. You have to study harder and longer than your friends doing other subjects. It can all be really overwhelming. Fortunately, you can now leverage the resources created by the smartest and most hardworking law students with this package of premium notes. They have synthesised all the key information from cases, textbooks, articles and lectures to create the ultimate one-stop resource for you to save time and ace your exams.


1. Contract, 2. Constitutional Law, 3. Land Law, 4. Tort Law, 5. Criminal Law, 6. Trust Law, 7. Administrative Law, 8. EU Law, 9. Jurisprudence

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