Premium Administrative Law Notes

Author: First-class in subject from University of Oxford (70/100)

Features: Administrative law is an especially tough topic with cases that are long and impenetrable and requires a lot of reading of articles to craft good arguments for essays. Save time by buying this pack which includes both notes giving a fast and accessible explanation of each topic with bullet points and article summaries which will boost the quality of your arguments.

Topics covered: 1. Jurisdiction, 2. Procedural Review, 3. Substantive Review (Rationality & Proportionality), 4. Legitimate Expectations, 5. Public and Private Law Distinction, 6. Standing, 7. Public Law Theory, 8. Tort Liability for Public Authorities

Product guarantee: These notes will get you at least a 2.1, if not you will be refunded upon proof.

Download will be immediately available on website after payment and via link sent to your email.

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